Heyoka and Transformation

From: Heyoka and Transformation

Talking/writing about the Heyoka way is always somewhat slippery; for Heyoka is hard to capture, both figuratively and literally. Heyoka is a force of nature. Heyoka is Sacred. Heyoka is profane. Heyoka is both, and neither, and in-between. Heyoka is of the Sacred Dreaming, inherent in the Sacred Fire of Life. Though Heyoka may have guides, allies and advisors in spiritual and human realms, the pathway is not “taught” but self-taught or self-learned. Heyoka “feels” his/her way into this learning and places all trust within the Sacred Mysterious and Self. “That peculiar awareness of unity-within-duality in perception” that is referred to at the end of “To Heyoka” characterizes many of the internal and external manifestations of Heyoka medicine.

Heyoka is “set apart”, and this brings both freedom and vulnerability. Heyoka medicine is akin to both the Trickster Way of Coyote and the lightning fast transformation of Thunder Being. Heyoka is a guardian to truth and is compelled to challenge wrongness when he/she encounters it. There is no compromise in this absolute trust in reality and no compromise possible in confronting the shadowed and unreal.

Heyoka shows the shadows that the people would wish remain un-shown, often without knowing he/she is doing this. Heyoka is moved by forces that are powerful and compelling and Heyoka’s only choice in these things is willingness, or being swept along regardless. Heyoka is mirror to the people, again, knowingly or unknowingly. It matters not if a Heyoka is shy or bold in their personality, in either case the medicine will move through them regardless. It is not a choice. In this sense it must be understood that Heyoka does not choose to be Heyoka or to “act” Heyoka in any given situation. When Heyoka medicine moves, Heyoka moves with it. Any personal reluctance to move within this medicine is swept aside when the medicine itself moves. There is no compromise for there is no hesitation possible once the Heyoka medicine moves.

Through the unique constellation of powers within Heyoka medicine; the Coyote Way, the Sacred Mirroring and the Sacred Dreaming, the Thunder Being Way, “duality in all things” becomes an acute awareness and this sensitivity opens the pathway of transformation and transformative manifestations. Like Thunder Being, Heyoka brings storm and renewal. Heyoka “un-does” complacency and wrongness and re-forms the energies of this “un-doing” into what is needed and good. Heyoka can be incredible in healing work as well as fear-inspiring to those that resist needed change.

Heyoka, like Coyote calling out in the night, demands us to “wake up.” Heyoka, like Thunder Being, turns things upside down and inside out. Heyoka shows the Sacred Mirror and shatters the glass between-the-worlds. Heyoka transformation is more than simple change or modification; it is the actual undoing and re-forming of primal energy inherent in all things.

Reviled or loved, Heyoka is movement and transformation.

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