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Feeling Good/Feeling Down

Feeling like crap. Partly because I’m out of work, and looking for it,nand because I don’t feel like I’m being respected, either when I saynsomething, and not really acknowledged, or when I do something.


Being stuck in a situation where I don’t see a way out without cuttingnour throats — so to speak — is disheartening and frustrating. When thensystem is stacked against you to get out from under a certain paradigmnis hard. Then getting blamed for it personally, that’s like gettingnbackstabbed or not trusted. That’s called “blaming the victim”, and Indon’t want to be blamed for something that’s out of my control. Nor do Inwant to feel victimised.




Feeling a lot better now, had a talk, went to a nice big park, satnaround there for a while, soaked in some love.

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