Visions and Dreams

There was once a man, while was participating in a Sun Dance.

While he was at the Tree of Life, on the last day, he received a vision.

He saw a Thunderbird, at the top of the Tree. It had symbols on its body and wings.

They were shaped like four-directions symbols, but all white, and pulsating black and white, starting from the inside, going out. The tips were rounded off.

Thunderbird’s head was shaped like a crested woodpecker, and the wings were squared off.

While this vision was being presented to him, he felt his hands tingling like small round stones were hitting them, or large pin pricks, like they were going numb from lack of blood in them, or like little burns, on the palm side and his arms had lightning going up and down them, up to the elbows.

Image removed due to potential theft by unscrupulous/dishonest people.

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