Contraries and INFJ

Personal Notes

In my culture (and others here in NA) there’s a place for people like us, and that’s where I am. so I found my niche in my culture – which for a long time wasn’t acknowledged because of religious persecution – but now we’re coming into full swing again, just as we’re needed.

We’re recognised as different, but also accepted for that difference, and our gifts are too. We work as healers, leaders, guides, counsellors, etc. All the stuff we naturally gravitate to.

As for being born to a narcissistic parent, I think there’s a reason that happens to some of us, on a deep spiritual level – in order to boost the growth of the INFJ, the parent(s) reflects the worst aspects of the society that’s they’re born in, and so the INFJ quickly learns the things to watch out for. Part of our personality is nature, part is nurture. If a person doesn’t get nurture, then the more natural processes take over. Why I say this? Because that’s how it happened for me. I used to say that a raised myself (almost absent father due to divorce, mother a narcissist) because of this.

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This dude echoes a lot of what I went through as a kid, and later on into adulthood. Some of it still happens, but now that stuff is managed, or dealt with in a healthy way, or still happens as-is. Like total strangers, or acquaintances that start telling me their problems, or such things like that. I still don’t understand that in any sort of context, spiritual or mental or whatever.

However, now I just deal with it as if it’s normal for me, and it is. That is the thing that’s helped me be at peace, instead of freaking out, or wondering why.

One of the things I remember doing a lot was ghosting. I’d be at an event of some sort, then (at the time I didn’t know it was, but it was an anxiety attack, or I’d feel “I need to go, probably home”) I’d leave without telling anyone.

Very interesting video explains a lot about what I’ve felt, thought etc., past and present.


INFJs aren’t necessarily contraries, it just so happens one is INFJ.


I think it’s more likely that an INFJ is a potential contrary, as the mindset is really similar.


From here :

INFJs seem made to understand, but we’re often misunderstood.

Too, too true. I a) find myself saying that a lot lately, or b) I’m noticing I say that a lot. Really, really odd, and interesting.


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