INFJ States, Behaviour

Here’s what I recently commented on IG, regarding a picture that was reshared.

Protector grain very strong. I’m not androgynous but I do have strong feminine traits and not afraid of crying or bursting out laughing in front of others; of showing I care about what happens to you. I used to feel like there was something wrong with me, but now I don’t, and it’s what makes me me, and it’s my strength.

In the last few years, I’ve worked hard to accept myself fully, and now not only do I but unashamedly so. I’m hetero in orientation. On meeting me you might think no, but my Fe and Ni are strong, so that’s what might give people that impression.

I don’t have big muscles, but my eyes will drill straight to your soul. I have to be careful in fact, with my eyes. People often think various things when I look at them. What’s going on in fact is me figuring you out on first meeting, or reading your state of mind and heart if we already know each other.

It can be intimidating to some people, and I sense it, see it in people’s body language. It’s only Ni and Se working together. I’m not trying to do anything to someone. It’s how my brain works.

Here’s the image I was commenting on:

Strength in Sensitivity
”Strength in Sensitivity”
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