Excerpt from ”Seeker of Visions” and My Thoughts/Feelings

John Lame Deer, Chapter 15

If the thunder-beings want to put their power on the earth, among the people, they send a dream to a man, a vision about thunder and lightning. By this dream they appoint him to work his power for them in a human way. This is what makes him a heyoka. He doesn’t have to see the actual lightning, or hear the thunder in his dream. If he dreams about a certain kind of horse coming toward him, about certain riders with grass in their hair or in their belts, he knows this comes from wakinyan. Every dream which has some symbol of the thunder powers in it will make you into a heyoka.

You see, no one can declare themselves as such. You have to have a vision telling you so. Only They choose you.

When/if they choose you, your life will change. You won’t recognise it. Not even a little. Carrying this medicine is a big responsibility. Myself I’m still trying to figure this out, and I received my vision back in 2012.

Once I received it, my life changed. Things started speeding up, I met new people. Like me. Who’d been down their own version my path, as everyone’s path is different, but the same. We all go through an ”OMGWTF” time, we all go through a ”OK, now what” time, a time where we start expanding our wings, stretching them out. A time where we find our nesting place, and start building it, finding where we’ll set up. There’s things after, but I’m not there yet.

You’re not alone, and you’re certainly not crazy. Just be gentle with yourself.

I’ve seen and heard things that make grown people cry they’re so beautiful. Life changing things.

I hesitate to share them openly here, as there’s thieves who wander websites and blogs for validation of their delusions. Main reason for my previous post.

Have an awesomely terrible day 😉

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