a Zen Master's Perspective on Sacred Clown

from moshecohen.net

The deeper I delve into clown from the teaching side, the greater the desire to put a finger on this word clown, what and all it represents. This has led me to explore the traditions of the sacred clowns amongst many of the indigenous tribes here in North America. Their function in their communities depends on the tribe. They have different social and ceremonial roles that they play, yet invariably there is laughter involved.

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Thunderbird and Trickster

from here:

by Steve Mizrach


The Thunderbird is one of the few cross-cultural elements of Native North American mythology. He is found not just among Plains Indians, but also among Pacific Northwest and Northeastern tribes. He has also become quite a bit of an icon for non-Indians, since he has also had the honor of having automobiles, liquors, and even a United States Air Force squadron named after him. Totems bearing his representation can be found all over the continent. There have been a number of curious theories about the origins of the Thunderbird myth - ones which I will show are probably wrongheaded.

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Having a Hard Time

Right now.

Having problems re-finding my balance, or what I thought was my balance.

I realised that I'm having some serious self-esteem issues.

Not taking care of myself or others very well, and neglecting things.

I'm alternating between anger and despair. Usually I just eventually let go, and start to feel better, but not now.

Had a really nice evening with my fiancée and a brother last night, we tied up drum and sang some songs.

The "clown" way

The only thing I know is that I often find myself alone to figure things out.

Many many conversations with Creator, sometimes one way direction from me, happen, and people need to chill the fuck out and not take themselves so fucking seriously.

Heyoka and Transformation

From: Heyoka and Transformation

Talking/writing about the Heyoka way is always somewhat slippery; for Heyoka is hard to capture, both figuratively and literally. Heyoka is a force of nature. Heyoka is Sacred. Heyoka is profane. Heyoka is both, and neither, and in-between. Heyoka is of the Sacred Dreaming, inherent in the Sacred Fire of Life. Though Heyoka may have guides, allies and advisors in spiritual and human realms, the pathway is not “taught” but self-taught or self-learned. Heyoka “feels” his/her way into this learning and places all trust within the Sacred Mysterious and Self. “That peculiar awareness of unity-within-duality in perception” that is referred to at the end of “To Heyoka” characterizes many of the internal and external manifestations of Heyoka medicine.

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