Visions and Dreams

There was once a man, whole was participating in a Sun Dance.

While he was at the Tree of Life, on the last day, he received a vision.

He saw a Thunderbird, at the top of the Tree. It had symbols on its body and wings.

They were shaped like four-directions symbols, but all white, and pulsating black and white, starting from the inside, going out. The tips were rounded off.

Thunderbird's head was shaped like a crested woodpecker, and the wings were squared off.

While this vision was being presented to him, he felt his hands tingling like small round stones were hitting them, or large pin pricks, like they were going numb from lack of blood in them, or like little burns, on the palm side and his arms had lightning going up and down them, up to the elbows.

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Feeling Good/Feeling Down

Feeling like crap. Partly because I'm out of work, and looking for it, and because I don't feel like I'm being respected, either when I say something, and not really acknowledged, or when I do something.

Being stuck in a situation where I don't see a way out without cutting our throats — so to speak — is disheartening and frustrating. When the system is stacked against you to get out from under a certain paradigm is hard. Then getting blamed for it personally, that's like getting backstabbed or not trusted. That's called "blaming the victim", and I don't want to be blamed for something that's out of my control. Nor do I want to feel victimised.


Feeling a lot better now, had a talk, went to a nice big park, sat around there for a while, soaked in some love.

Highlights of Ellen Gabriel's Intervention at the UN Permananent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York


Ellen Gabriel intervened this week at the 15th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York. She began by highlighting the ongoing threat to Indigenous identity and self-determination in Canada through assimilationist policies, chronic under funding, racism, climate change and unsustainable development.

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a Zen Master's Perspective on Sacred Clown


The deeper I delve into clown from the teaching side, the greater the desire to put a finger on this word clown, what and all it represents. This has led me to explore the traditions of the sacred clowns amongst many of the indigenous tribes here in North America. Their function in their communities depends on the tribe. They have different social and ceremonial roles that they play, yet invariably there is laughter involved.

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Thunderbird and Trickster

from here:

by Steve Mizrach


The Thunderbird is one of the few cross-cultural elements of Native North American mythology. He is found not just among Plains Indians, but also among Pacific Northwest and Northeastern tribes. He has also become quite a bit of an icon for non-Indians, since he has also had the honor of having automobiles, liquors, and even a United States Air Force squadron named after him. Totems bearing his representation can be found all over the continent. There have been a number of curious theories about the origins of the Thunderbird myth - ones which I will show are probably wrongheaded.

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