Heyoka and Transformation

From: Heyoka and Transformation Talking/writing about the Heyoka way is always somewhat slippery; for Heyoka is hard to capture, both figuratively and literally. Heyoka is a force of nature. Heyoka is Sacred. Heyoka is profane. Heyoka is both, and neither, and in-between. Heyoka is of the Sacred Dreaming, inherent in the Sacred Fire of Life. […]

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“The Systems Busters – The Way of the Indigo Warrior”

Prelogue to Prologue A word of note to readers of this site. This article was pulled from the web, except for one link at www.bibliotecapleyades.net, which is where I got it from. Please take the New Age terminology with a small grain of salt, and be aware that it’s shared here for the information contained […]

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