INFJ States, Behaviour

Here’s what I recently commented on IG, regarding a picture that was reshared. Protector grain very strong. I’m not androgynous but I do have strong feminine traits and not afraid of crying or bursting out laughing in front of others; of showing I care about what happens to you. I used to feel like there […]

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I’ve always been rather fearless. Wasn’t always like that, but when I started letting go of nonsense anxiety, I started being fearless. Now the only reason I’ll hold back is to avoid conflict, in order to achieve growth. I’m after not only my growth, but other people’s too. It makes me happy to see people […]

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”Dream”, part zzzzz

Date: 27 February 2019 Right before alarm (4:30!), sounds, I remember being with someone, dunno who exactly, but I’ve known them for a long time, in Spirit (guide, guardian, something like that), in the Spirit World, they were giving me a teaching and we were having a conversation about something. I distinctly remember one of […]

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