”Dream”, part zzzzz

Date: 27 February 2019 Right before alarm (4:30!), sounds, I remember being with someone, dunno who exactly, but I’ve known them for a long time, in Spirit (guide, guardian, something like that), in the Spirit World, they were giving me a teaching and we were having a conversation about something. I distinctly remember one of […]

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Darkness and Light

I find myself one of a minority of people being able to see both extreme beauty and extreme ugliness. It’s not something that I’d recommend to anyone, but it does put me in an unique position, of putting out whatever I want to put out. A very long time ago I determined to put out […]

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The clown way, part deux

Note: I’m talking straight here, not contrary, so just take this at whatever value you want. Contraries are born, or made, no one decides to be one. It’s like deciding you’re a plant one day, and a toadstool the next. Your life will show you, others like you will find you, and call you out, […]

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