INFJ States, Behaviour

Here’s what I recently commented on IG, regarding a picture that was reshared. Protector grain very strong. I’m not androgynous but I do have strong feminine traits and not afraid of crying or bursting out laughing in front of others; of showing I care about what happens to you. I used to feel like there […]

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Form of the Inferior Functions

Introduction Inferior function is an attitude that is pushed out of consciousness as one develops dominant function, however, it still exerts a powerful influence on the person. It leads one to try to fulfill neglected needs, but in ways that clash with the rest of the person’s life, experiences, and self-understanding. It confronts you with […]

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Contraries and INFJ

Personal Notes In my culture (and others here in NA) there’s a place for people like us, and that’s where I am. so I found my niche in my culture – which for a long time wasn’t acknowledged because of religious persecution – but now we’re coming into full swing again, just as we’re needed. […]

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